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Light therapy for Denmark, Norway & Sweden.

Lysterapi.com is a Danish distributor of high quality light therapy lamps and glasses to most of Scandinavia.

The most effective treatment of the winter blues is through light therapy, and is being recommended by doctors around the globe-

Our most populare light therapy products

Lysterapi.com – Light therapy lamps and glasses against the winter blues

The winter blues can be treated effectively by using a Litebook light therapy lamp just 15 minutes daily. SAD, also known as Winter Blues, can happen all year around, but is seen most often in the winter.

Jet Lag changes the rhythm, that your body is used to, by travelling through different time zones. Litebook is our effective and rechargeable light therapy lamp against both the winter blues and jet lag, but also helps those who work night shift, by giving them their daily dose of sunlight.